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hey i am uh light in the way this morning because we’re talking about peter and we’re in the book of second peter and we’re gonna be looking in chapter 1 verses 12 through 21 this morning so 2nd peter 12-21 and uh peter talks in here about this idea that it’s really important to pay attention to the prophets because the prophets are like a shining light in a dark place like they show the way for the path ahead like i love to go hiking and exploring and have done a lot of hiking through uh dark places hiked into this last year kayla and i hiked into hell’s canyon at night down a river canyon and we were using headlamps and lights and and without the light we had no idea where the trail was ahead of us i mean it was just absolutely pitch black same thing we’ve done a lot of hiking and go through some old railroad train tunnels and once you go in there and you turn the light off it is absolutely pitch black and so without the light you have no way of knowing where the road is ahead of you where the path is what the obstacles are what dangers are ahead and so that’s the imagery that you need to have in mind the picture that you need to have in mind when we think about what peter says says about the prophets he says the prophets are like this they are like this bright shining light into dark places and and so they light up the path and so the um and he’s going to talk a little bit more about what the prophets said and how they said it and why he is so um passionate and committed to do what he feels like god’s called them to do so let me uh throw a little real light on the subject here and get this out of our way and uh let’s jump in and pray this morning for uh our time together and then we’re gonna jump in second peter so let’s pray man god we love you thank you so much for your word and uh we do say that your word is a light unto our feet it is and just like peter says the prophets uh light up our way their teaching their instruction the view that you gave them of the future and the things to come just gives us light and understanding to know what’s going on and what was coming and so lord i just pray that you would be with us this morning help us keep growing and learning from your word so that we become more and more like your son let’s pray in jesus name amen all right so we’re in second peter chapter 1 uh verses 12 through 21 so here we go ready get some reading goggles on here so i can see what i’m looking at um second peter chapter one starting at verse 12. goes like so therefore i will always remind you about these things what things is he talking about if you missed yesterday make sure you go back and watch it we talked about your faith shake the way you’re gonna supplement your faith and build your faith and keep staying healthy and strong in your faith and he goes through and gives this great big list of things that are important to do and so here he’s picking it up saying i’m gonna always remind you about these things even though you already know them and are standing firm in the truth you have been taught and it’s only right that i should keep on reminding you as long as i live for our lord jesus christ has shown me that i must soon leave this earthly life so i will work hard to make sure you always remember these things after i’m gone verse 16 for we were not making up clever stories when we told you about the powerful coming of our lord jesus christ we saw his majestic splendor with our own eyes when we received honor when he received honor and glory from the god the father the voice from the majestic glory of god said to him this is my dearly loved son who brings me great joy we ourselves heard that voice from heaven when we were with him on that holy mountain because of that experience we have been we have even greater confidence in the message proclaimed by the prophets you must pay close attention to what they wrote for their words are like a lamp shining in a dark place until the day it dawns and christ the morning star shines in your hearts above all you must realize that no prophecy in scripture ever came from the prophet’s own understanding or from human initiative nope those prophets were moved by the holy spirit and they spoke from god so peter is doing a couple of things here he’s just really hammering like back to basics back to basics back to basics like i’m gonna just keep reminding you to grow strong in your faith to uh endure uh the outward persecution to endure the inward uh attacks on your faith and what you believe and even though right now you’re standing firm even though right now you’re doing well he’s like it’s super clear to me that what god’s called me to do is to just keep reminding you of the basics like keep calling you back to grow in your faith keep calling you back to add those supplements in and increase your faith day by day and and then he goes on to just talk about how the reason he has such confidence is not only because of his time with jesus not only because of his uh learning and understanding but because he was there when jesus was received glory from heaven and god spoke out audibly in front of them and said that this was his son and whom he was well pleased and then he saw him glorified and ascend to heaven he’s like there’s there’s no bigger confidence booster than what we saw on that amazing mountain and because of that nothing is going to shake my faith nothing could possibly ever get me off track and and so he’s trying to pass on some of that confidence some of that strength some of that uh commitment and and then he goes and says you know like one of the ways i can do that one of the ways that i can pass that faith on that confidence on is to encourage you to keep going back to the prophets keep looking at what they said keep reading the words of the prophets trusting that they didn’t come up with that stuff on their own this was all given to them by god and and when you read these stories about um what god had told them to say the warnings god uh gave them to give to their people the affirmations that god gave them to give to their people like god continually in the in the old testament time spoke through prophets and and he gave them these messages to correct their people where they’re off encourage their people his people where they were on track call them to be ready for things that were coming ahead of times and then he also gave them a lot of clear messaging about who jesus was going to be when he was going to come what kind of things would you know see coming so that you would know it was him and and so those are faith-building stories to be able to go back and go look at what god was giving them look at the instruction god was giving them and then look at how it played out just as as god had said and so he just says those things are like a light in a dark tunnel when you turn the light off you’ve got you’re stumbling around trying to figure out how to work your way through navigate the help of others isn’t really helpful but all of a sudden you shine a bright light in there and it’s really easy you can just see right where you’re going he’s like learning and knowing the prophets is like having that bright light and so i just think that’s a good reminder i also think that the vast majority of christians probably couldn’t even name most of the prophets or even probably five i don’t know much less know really who they were when in history they uh kind of lived what was their specific kind of calling and direction that they spoke into um what message was god giving them at that particular time in that place for those people i think most people are just really out of touch with um what the prophet said and who they spoke to and so that would be something to definitely dig into and and learn more about so that you’ve got a good light shining in your life to guide you along uh your journey so um that’s the stuff that was really sticking out to me this morning as i was going through that the other thing that i thought about as i was going through this is the idea of uh where he talks about in the very beginning that um i’m going to keep reminding you about these things and so he was talking about the ways to supplement your faith be ready to endure persecution perseverance don’t don’t get swayed by false teachers like he’s like i’m going to keep reminding you about the basics even though i know you’re already doing them and i was just thinking about how i wrestled growing up all of my boys wrestled at different times when they were little kids and did little kids wrestling and one of the things that you learn at every year wrestling is you always go through the basics and same in any sport whether it’s basketball football like whenever when you show up one of the things you always do is just drill drill drill on basics whether it’s stance or how to shoot the ball or position or just in sports they’re called fundamentals and it doesn’t matter what the sport is every good coach always wants a team that is just rock solid in the basics the fundamentals and people can get frustrated with that because they can be like hey i already learned all this stuff i already know it and every good coach knows that it doesn’t matter how good you know it i need it to be like imprinted on your uh body and muscle memory so that we it’s just second nature to you you just know the position the stance the move the past the you know everything the right form without even thinking about it it’s such a second nature thing and and that’s kind of peter’s approach to making disciples is he’s trying to make sure and say hey like i’m just going to keep teaching you the fundamentals i’m going to keep teaching the basics i want to make this stuff so solid i want you to be i know you’re standing for a minute right now but i want you more than firm i want this like perfect muscle memory when it comes to these different elements of your faith journey so anyways that was another little thing that was just popping in my mind as i was thinking about it this morning hey we got all kinds of peeps on here with us this morning ingrid mornin and judy and matt good morning and carol and miss sarah nelson good morning to you and we’ve got uh uh galermo which looks like a friend of zack and daisy so good morning to you thanks for joining us on here we’ve got tammy good morning and we’ve got alyssa and eileen and kathy and jeremy and i can’t see everybody else here on my phone it says there’s uh 26 other people something bunch more people on there watching so good morning to everybody i hope you guys have an awesome wednesday and your day is amazing get some light shining on your your path today um stretch yourself dig in and read a little bit about one of the profits and start seeing what kind of light that might shine in your life to help you stay on track today so let me pray for us and i’ll get you guys off and running on this wednesday morning all right let’s pray man god we love you we thank you so much for your word we thank you lord for um the prophets and the light that they shine not only the way that they helped the people that that you sent them to help but here so many years later lord their instruction and wisdom and direction and counsel still gives us help for our walk today and it helps us to learn from the mistakes of others and learn from the ways that they were doing it right and so help us to just keep learning and growing from those things lord and i just pray you’d be with us on this day draw us closer to you


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Real Life Pullman Washington 99163

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